Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Han Dynasty

Well, here we are!
Now, Liu Bang is in power, and we are in what is called the Han Dynasty, which started on 221 BCE. Finally, we have a stable and peaceful country! Our Great Wall has been extended as well; we now have more watch towers to guard against attack. Something else that is pretty cool is that Confucianism is our law now! We're all about goodness, and it's a nice change from Qin Shi Huangdi!
We have also established the Silk Road, which is really helping our trading. The economy is fantastic now! We're getting much more resources now. Our empire has 50 million people in it, which is great!
Sadly enough, the Han Dynasty comes to a half in 220 CE. We accomplished wonderful things in this empire, and set the precedent of using Confucian concepts in our law!

Silk Road Routes

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