Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mongols take China

Mongols attacking

I just paid my tributes to the Mongols, and I am extremely grateful to be alive right now. :O
Let me tell you what happened recently; it's pretty crazy!
In 1206,  a guy named Genghis Kahn united all of the nomadic people who called themselves the Mongols. Now, this guy is not so nice. He has this belief that you must have committed a sin if he harms you or your city; he would be the punishment.
Anyway, he rolled into China. These people didn't even have a dominant culture to ours, but they had one thing that was so powerful it took us down. They had archers on horseback, and they could pick you off before you even knew what was going on. Besides China, they rolled across most of Asia only to be stopped at Ain Jalut. They even achieved the only successful winter attack on Russia. Once they were in power, they weren't all that bad, so many say. I am just afraid of them.
Genghis died in 1273, but his grandson, Kublai Kahn, wasn't done with China yet. He was what they called the 5th Great Kahn, and he conquered Southern China. He wanted to preserve Mongolian culture, and only wanted Mongols in high governmental positions or the army. The only issue with that was that there was too few Mongols, and a large amount of China. In 1271, the Yuan Dynasty was established. Kublai wanted to learn different cultural approaches, so he invited many to come. For example, Marco Polo came from Italy and wrote a book on Chinese culture. These records sparked interest in the riches of Asia.
The Mongols were important because they reshaped Chinese culture, and created one of the largest empires on History. They also revolutionized war strategies by inventing the stirrup, and the archer on horseback.

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