Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tang Dynasty

After the Han Dynasty came to an end, our country was thrown into confusion. We were unorganized for quite some time! However, our country wasn't hurt by it; Buddhism was still spreading, trade was still occurring, and the Chinese weren't dying out. We were ruled for a short time from 598-618 during the Sui Dynasty, but that didn't last long. One good thing that came out of the Sui Dynasty was the Grand Canal, which was pretty cool.
However, we needed a ruler, and we soon had one: Li Yuan, the first Tang emperor, who came into power at the start of the dynasty, which was 618 CE.
Some refer to this as the Golden Ages of Poetry. I can't say I disagree with them. Amazing poets like Li-Po and Du Fu come from this time, and their works are just fantastic!
During this dynasty, we expanded our borders, restored the Han System (Confucian), rebuilt bureaucracy, and increased some taxes. The last part I am not so happy about, but the emperors can't please everyone!
Our economy was one of the most advanced in the world; trade is wonderful for us!
In 907 CE, this empire fell, losing the Mandate of Heaven. This dynasty was pretty important for us because we unified China after centuries of disorganization. We also made some great additions to our art and poetry, which is really important to us! :)

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