Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sung Dynasty

Chinese rice field
In my opinion, this was the best dynasty I've ever lived in. Starting in 960 CE and ending in , it was the high point of Chinese civilization as a whole. Our capital is Lin'an.
Industry, technology, art, and architecture all were enhanced during this period. As I write this, I can look at my mechanical clock, which was something that is new to us. It's pretty exciting for everyone. Recently, gunpowder, block printing, and a moveable type have been invented as well! The creation of paper money has also happened recently! This will make trading so much easier! It's a big economic step for us, and trade is flourishing. Spices are a big part of trading for our country.
Another thing that was established in this empire was the idea of two crops of rice per year. This created surpluses, which allowed people to pursue other things, like commerce, education, and arts!
The Chinese people are quite content right now, including myself.
The dynasty lasted for a long time, but it ended in 1279 CE. It had a long-lasting impact on the world through its many inventions and advances in civilization!

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