Thursday, November 11, 2010

Julius Caesar/Fall of Roman Republic

 I just got back from interviewing my man Julius Caesar. Here's how it went:

Me: Hello, Julius! It's nice to finally meet you. Do you have time for a couple of questions?
Julius: Sure.
Me: Well, would you mind telling me a little bit about yourself?
Julius: I was born 100 BCE. Now, let's not talk about my childhood. All that happened was some stuff with pirates and marriages. Not anything substantial. That's not when I got things done.
Julius Caesar Statue
Me: When did you get things done?
Julius: I was a war guy, in my day. I was a soldier. I was a conqueror. Now, I got kind of mad, I'll admit. My power as governor of Gaul was taken back by the Senate. Maybe I overreacted a little bit. Regardless, I did something that is pretty neat. I crossed the Rubicon river with my army. This was not heard of back then! But when I want something to happen, it does. Anyway, I got that bridge done pretty fast. As in, less than a month fast. I rolled right in, and defeated Pompey for the control of Rome! That was around 48 BCE.
Me: Oh, wow! What happened next?
Julius: They still didn't want me to become dictator. Ridiculous. Anyway, I then forced the Senate to make me dictator! I just wanted absolute power. Not that big of a request, in my opinion.
Me: So what were your impacts on this world?
Julius: Well, for starters, I destroyed the Roman Republic, and turned it into an empire. All of the credit goes to me there. Now, I also got my calender going; they call it the Julian Calender. I have a feeling that very good things will come from this.
Me: I hope so! Thanks for your time.

Julius Caesar was too power-hungry, and was assainated by Senate members in 44 BCE. However, the Roman Empire would come back.

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