Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great
Wow. Today, I ran into Alexander the Great in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, he had some time to spare, so I got a couple questions in. Here's how it went:

Me: Wow! Alexander, it's wonderful to meet you!
Alexander: I know. It is.
Me:  Okay... well, tell me a little about yourself and your accomplishments!
Alexander: I was born in 356 BCE. Now, my dad was pretty intense. He took down Greece. The sad thing is, he got killed. Please, save me your condolences. I was taught by Aristotle, so it's not like I'm an idiot. Anyway, I got the power of being the King of Macedon. I got an idea of rolling into the Persian Empire and taking it down. So I did. I hated them with a passion; there was a long lasting feud between myself and their ruler.
Me: Was that difficult, taking them down?
Alexander: Well, it certainly wasn't easy. I started my conquest of Persia in 334 BCE. Now, I knew that I needed a plan, and a good one, at that. So, what I did was lure them out to where I had the advantage of environment, so then I had the upper hand. After they were out of my way, I felt much much better. By the end of my time, I had gone everywhere, far and near. I took over Egypt, and I also reached India in 327 BCE. I was pretty popular in Egypt, I must say.
Me: What were the effects of your conquests? 
Alexander: I started the first world economy. Without me, you'd still be living in your little town in the dark, not knowing what else is out there! This was also the first time the West spread its culture. Basically, we started to mix and blend a bit more. They say that I am the creator of the hellenistic culture, which is the mixing of all of the cultures together, like Greek, Egyptian, Syrian, and all of the other places that I rolled into. I'm sure, say, in 2010, there's going to be even more blending of the cultures.
I also had cities popping up wherever you look; of course, I liked to take a little of everyone's culture and throw it in. My cities were successful, complete with economic powerhouses that consisted of trade, art, architecture, and agriculture. We also made some advances in the science field. Women had more rights.
Me: Wow! You've accomplished so much! You must feel pretty good when you look at your reflection.
Alexander: You bet I do.
Me: Well, nice meeting you and thank you for your time!

Alexander the Great viewed himself as a god. Unfortunately, he passed away in 323 BCE at Babylon. He had a huge impact on the West, and we can still see the effects today.

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