Friday, November 12, 2010

Constantine the Great

Well, today was an awesome day. I got to meet with the emperor, Constantine! It was pretty amazing. Here's how it went:

Me: Hey there, Constantine! It's nice to see you! Can I ask a few questions?
Constantine: Sure, I think I have a little time. I'm a busy guy.
Me: Tell me a little bit about you and what you've done!
Constantine's vision
Constantine: Well, I ascended to the throne after Diocletian booked it. That was in 312. Now, I wasn't always a Christian guy. One day, I had a vision of a cross. I decided that if I won my current battle at the Milvian Bridge, I would convert. Of course, I won. So I became a Christian, and my whole empire followed me. I was of course, was one of the best emperors this world has ever seen.
Me: So you must have had quite the impact on the world!
Constantine: You bet I did! For starters, I established a new capital; I named it after myself (Constantinople). Not trying to brag or anything, but it was a pretty fantastic city. It turned our empire into a powerhouse. It had a prime position, being on the coast, and we had wonderful defenses. I also made huge advances for the Christian religion; a lot of people converted when I did. I'll bet in the future, that's going to mean something.
Me: I agree. Well, thank you for your time!

Constantine's capital city of Constantinople would be successful for the eastern empire until 1453. Constantine himself died in 337, but his legacy would live on. He was one of the reasons why Christianity's popularity began to increase.

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