Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Something really cool happened today, on 500 BCE. I got to talk to Confucius which was pretty sweet. He rolled into my farm and told me I was doing my job well; duty is one of the things he's big on. He is a wandering teacher because he lost his government job, so I hear.
I’ve heard about him for a while, but I never really understood what this guy was all about. He told me what his thoughts are as we walked along my farm. He’s all for goodness. Confucius told me that real people can establish a civilized society (by real, he was talking about kind and compassionate people). He said that art and poetry is where it’s at. I didn’t understand that part! I mean, we live in an army dominated world. But he said that you’re only as good as your art. Pretty cool. Family is also very important in Confucius’ concepts; the Five Constant Relationships have three of them relate to family.
All in all, I’m really honored to have met this guy. He is an amazing philosopher, and he did amazing work. I have a feeling that his ideas are going to catch on someday.

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