Monday, October 18, 2010

Lao Zi and Taoism

Yin Yang - Taoist Balance Symbol
On the date of about 600 BCE, I heard about the concept of Taoism from my man Lao-Zi, who is the expert of all experts on it.
Taoism is all about harmony with nature. People should strive to understand “the way” of the universe. When I asked him some questions about it, he told me to read the Te Ching, which is a Taoist text. It’s the book of wisdom. Taoists believe that the right kind of government is one that did not interfere a lot with the people. They have little concern for human problems, and concentrate on nature and the universe. Balance is a main part of it.
This whole thing is pretty important because the concepts of Taoism affected the culture all over the world, especially in the East!

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